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beach and family portraits









sport action

beach and family portraits






sport action


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2009 A.P.A.W. Horse show 4.4.09

2009 pba 295 golf tournament sea oaks

2010 opening ceremonies




5 County Fair Beauty Pageant

7th Annual Chamber of Commerce Golf Classic 5.9.13

98 palomino trailer for sale


a Patriots vs buckingham jv 9-19-09

a Patriots vs Buckingham minor 9-19-09

a Patriots vs Buckingham varsity 9-19-09

a Powhatan vs Halifax



aerial photos 11.4.09

aerial photos in Vrginia 1-31-09

Amanda and Ted Dorset Wedding 10.16.10

amelia football 10-4-08

amelia horse show 10.11.08

Amelia Soccer action shots 4.28.12

Amelia Soccer portraits 2011 day 1

Amelia Soccer Portraits 2011 day 2

Amelia soccer portraits spring 2012

Amelia Soccer Tournament 10.30.2010

Amelia Soccer vs Charlotte 10.15.11

amelia softball 4.4.09

Amelia Spring Horse Trail ride 5.7.16

Amelia Springs (FALL) trail ride 14

Amelia Springs Horse tr Ride 5.4.19

Amelia springs horse trail 5.2.15

Amelia Springs Horse Trail 9.16.17

Amelia Springs Horse Trail 9.22.18

Amelia springs horse trail ride 2011 (spring)

Amelia Springs Horse Trail ride 5.3.14 Spring Ride

Amelia Springs Horse Trail Ride 5.4.13

Amelia Springs horse trail ride 5.5.18

Amelia Springs Horse Trail Ride 9.19.15

Amelia Springs Horse Trail ride fall 2016

Amelia Springs Horse Trail Ride Fall 9.21.13

Amelia Springs Spring Trail Ride 5.1.10

Amelia Springs Trail ride 5.6.17

Amelia Springs Trail Ride fall 2010

Amelia Springs Trail Ride Fall 2011 boy scouts

Amelia Springs Trail Ride Fall 2011 by Anthony

Amelia Springs Trail Ride Fall 2011 by Perry

Amelia Springs Trail Ride Fall 2011 by Sue

Amelia Springs trail ride fall 2012

Amelia Springs trail ride sept 09

Amelia Springs Trail ride spring 09

Amelia Springs Trail Ride Spring 2012

Amelia truck n tractor pull

Amelia truck n Tractor pull 10.3.09

Angels and Darlings Team.Individual and random shot pictures

Angels Blackstone vs Dinwiddie 6.24.12

Angels Blackstone vs Emporia6.23.12

Angels Brunswick vs Dinwiddie 6.22.12

Angels Brunswick vs Emporia 6.24.12

Angels Clarksville vs Brunswick 6.23.12

Angels Dinwiddie vs Blackstone 6.26.12

Angels Dinwiddie vs Emporia 6.25.12

Angels Lunenburg vs Blackstone 6.22.12

Angels Lunenburg vs South Hill 6.23.12

Angels Pefya vs Blackstone 6.25..12

Angels Pefya vs Clarksville 6.22.12

Angels Pefya vs Dinwiddie 6.23.12

Angels South Hill vs Emporia 6.22.12

Angels South Hill vs Pefya 6.24.12


apaw horse show 3.27.10

appomattox court house

April 4th Coitillion at Fuqua School

Ashton Powell get well ride 9.16.12

backgrounds for sale


Baseball Majors in Charlotte County private

Baseball Minors in Blackstone

Baseball Minors in Blackstone private

bayshore vs eht

beach portraits

Beachwood Garvey races 8-17-08

Bedford vs Charlotte

Bedford vs Dinwiddie 7.15.09

Bedford vs Dinwiddie game 1

Bedford vs Powhatan

Bedford vs Rustburg

Belle Meade Horse trail ride HoofBeats 10.29.16

Belles and Ponytail team.indivdual and random shots

Belles Brunswick vs Clarksville 6.29.12

Belles Clarksville vs Pefya 6.30.12

Belles Dinwiddie vs Lunenburg 6.30.12

Belles Dinwiddie vs Nottoway 6.29.12

Belles Lunenburg vs Brunswick 6.30.12

Belles Lunenburg vs Clarksville 7.1.12

belles Lunenburg vs Clarksville 7.2.12

Belles Pefya vs Clarksville 7.2.12

Belles Pefya vs Lunenburg 6.29.12

Belles Pefya vs Nottoway 6.30.12

Belles Pefya vs Nottoway 7.1.12

Belmead ACTHA Trail Competition 4.6.13

Below Gravity Bike show

Birch Creek Motorsports park 9.8.12

birds... waterfowl... things that fly

Blackstone all star tournament opening ceremonies

Blackstone Antiques Santa 11.28.14

Blackstone Baseball/Softball portraits 2010

Blackstone Christmas Parade 2008

Blackstone Fall Softball 2011 game 1

Blackstone Fall Softball 2011 game 2

Blackstone Fall Softball 2011 game 3

Blackstone Fall Softball 2011 game 4

Blackstone Fall Softball 2011 game 5

Blackstone Fall Softball 2011 game 6

blackstone gus's girls vs south hill

Blackstone Softball Fall 2010 portraits

Blackstone vs Dinwiddie Americans July 2nd

BLACKWATER roller derby at AJ's in Appomattox August 27 2011

BLUE in Keysville (races)


boy scouts


browning vs drakes branch jr tharpe

Brunswick vs Emporia 7.22.13

Bull Run Horse Trail ride 5.30.15

Bull Run Hunt Club Horse Trail Ride 4.30.16

Bull Run Hunt Club horse trail ride 6.8.13

Bull Run Hunt Club horse trail ride 9.14.13

Bull Run Hunt Club HorseTrail Ride 4.29.17

Bull Run Hunt Horse Trail Ride 6.13.14

Burkefest 2008

Burkeville Horse Trail Ride 5.23.15

Burkeville Horse Trail Ride 9.29.18

Burkeville Hunt Club Horse Trail ride 10.7.17

Burkeville Trail ride 10.17.15

Burkeville Trail Ride 4.2.16

by thomas

C.O.P.S. Poker run Appomattox 5.8.11

Campbell county soccer 2014

Carroll vs Dinwiddie

caspian tattoo convention Lynchburg

CB&T Blackstone Easter Bunny

CBYRA girls softball action

CBYRA girls softball portraits

CCH Cheerleader Portraits 2011

CCH Fall soccer portraits 2010

CCH Football portraits 2011

CCH vs Cumberland Flag 9.10.11

CCH vs Cumberland JV 9.10.11

CCH vs Cumberland Minor 9.10.11

CCH vs Cumberland Varsity 9.10.11

Centreville MD hair scrambler

chamber golf classic

Chamber of Commerce Golf Classic 2011

Charlotte County youth football 2010

Charlotte soccer tourn. 10.23.10

Charlotte vs Christiansburg

Charlotte vs Crewe Friday july 1st

Charlotte vs Din. Nationals July 12 majors

Charlotte vs Din. Nationals July 8 majors

Charlotte vs Dinwiddie

Charlotte vs Dinwiddie Americans

Charlotte vs Dinwiddie Americans July 3

Charlotte vs Dinwiddie Nationals

Charlotte vs Pefya July 10 majors

Charlotte vs Rustburg

Chase City Poker run 2010

Christiansburg vs Carroll



Citizens Bank & Trust and Santa pics 11.29.13

Cival war Petersburg Va.class trip

coach pitch 7.13.12 team.random and individual shots

Coach Pitch Amelia vs Buckingham 7.13.12

Coach Pitch Dinwiddie Americans vs Brookneal 7.13.12

coitillion 4.10.10

College Nationals @ NC State 4.9.11


Cotiliion 1.18.14 at Fuqua

Cotillion - April 20 2013

cotillion 3.30.19

Cotillion jan 2017 Southside chapt

country club

CP Amelia vs Brunswick 7.16.12

CP Amelia vs PEFYA 7.14.12

CP Amelia vs Powhatan 7.14.12

CP Amelia vs Timberlake 7.15.12

CP Appomattox vs Madison Heights 7.14.12

CP Brookneal vs South Hill 7.14.12

CP Brunswick vs Din. Nat. 7.15.12

CP Brunswick vs Dinwiddie Americans 7.14.12

CP Brunswick vs Powhatan 7.14.12

CP Dinwiddie Nationals vs Appomattox 7.13.12

CP Lunenburg vs Appomattox 7.14.12

CP Lunenburg vs Timberlake 7.13.12

CP Mad. Height vs Din. Nat. 7.15.12

CP Mad. Heights vs Amelia 7.16.12

CP Madison Heights vs Dinwiddie Nationals 7.14.12

CP PEFYA vs Buckingham 7.14.12

CP Pefya vs Madison Heights 7.13.12

CP Powhatan vs Mad.Heights 7.15.12

CP powhatan vs South Hill 7.13.12

CP South Hill vs Dinwiddie Americans 7.14.12

CP SouthHill vs Amelia 7.15.12

CP Timberlake vs Dinwiddie Nationals 7.14.12

CPWS Brunswick vs Maple Park 7.30.12

CPWS Brunswick vs Peachtree 7.28.12

CPWS Brunswick vs Pike Co. 7.28.12

CPWS Brunswick vs Reidsville 7.30.12

CPWS Dallas vs Kingston 7.28.12

CPWS Dallas vs West Robeson 7.29.12

CPWS Dinwiddie vs Kingston 7.28.12

CPWS Kannapolis vs Pike Co 7.29.12

CPWS Kannapolis vs Pineview 7.28.12

CPWS Kannapolis vs Powhatan 7.29.12

CPWS Kannapolis vs Reidsville 7.30.12

CPWS Kannapolis vs Reidsville 7.31.12

CPWS Kingston vs Tennessee 7.30.12

CPWS Lexington vs Amelia 7.28.12

CPWS Lexington vs West Robeson 7.28.12

CPWS Lexington vs West Robeson 7.30.12

CPWS Lexington vs West Robeson 7.31.12

CPWS Madison Central vs Kingston 7.29.12

CPWS Madison Hgts vs dallas 7.29.12

CPWS Madison Hgts vs Madison Central 7.28.12

CPWS Maple Park vs Pineview 7.30.12

CPWS Maple Park vs Powhatan 7.28.12

CPWS Opening Ceremonies

CPWS Reidsville vs Maple Park 7.28.12

CPWS Reidsville vs Maple Park 7.31.12

CPWS Reidsville vs Pineview 7.29.12

CPWS Summertown vs Amelia 7.29.12

CPWS Summertown vs Dinwiddie 7.29.12

CPWS Summertown vs Kingston 7.30.12

CPWS Team Pictures and Random shots

CPWS Turbeville vs Maple Park 7.29.12

CPWS Turbeville vs Peachtree 7.29.12

CPWS Turbeville vs Pike Co. 7.28.12

CPWS West Robeson vs Maple Park 7.31.12

CPWS West Robeson vs Summertown 7.28.12

CPWS West Robeson vs Tennessee 7.31.12

creative sayings

Crewe Burkeville Youth Recreation Association Girls Softball

Crewe CVFD poker run 4.2.11

Crewe vs Charlotte July 11 majors

Crewe vs Dinwiddie Nationals July 2nd

Crewe Vs Lunenburg July 10 majors

Crewe vs Lunenburg July 12 Majors

Crewe/Burke vs Charlotte

Crewe/Burke vs Din. Americans

Crewe/Burke. vs Dinwiddie Amer.

Crewe/Burkeville vs Blackstone

crewe/burkeville watts vs blackstone yellow jackets

Cruiser Club Chapt 30 poker run

Cruiser Club Chapter 30 Special Bikers for Special Olympics 9.25.2010

Cumberland Poker Run 4.17.10

Cumberland R4L poker run 4.9.11

Darlings Blackstone vs Brunswick 6.24.12

Darlings Blackstone vs Clarksville 6.25.12

Darlings Blackstone vs Crewe 6.22.12

Darlings Blackstone vs Dinwiddie 6.23.12

Darlings Blackstone vs Pefya 6.26.12

DArlings Brunswick vs Emporia 6.26.12

Darlings Brunswick vs Emporia 6.27.12

Darlings Brunswick vs Pefya 6.25.12

Darlings Brunswick vs Pefya 6.27.12

Darlings Clarksville vs Emporia 6.22.12

Darlings Crewe vs South Hill 6.23.12

Darlings Dinwiddie vs Clarksville 6.24.12

Darlings Emporia vs Pefya 6.23.12

Darlings Lunenburg vs Clarksville 6.23.12

Darlings Pefya vs Lunenburg 6.22.12

Darlings South Hill vs Brunswick 6.22.12

Darlings South Hill vs Emporia 6.24.12

Debbie and Ben Harris

Debs Amherst vs Halifax 7.22.12

Debs Dinwiddie vs Amherst 7.20.12

Debs Emporia vs Amherst 7.24.12

Debs Emporia vs Halifax 7.22.12

Debs Emporia vs Piedmont 7.21.12

Debs Halifax vs Emporia 7.24.12

Debs Lunenburg vs Dinwiddie 7.22.12

Debs Lunenburg vs Halifax 7.21.12

Debs Lunenburg vs Halifax 7.24.12

Debs opening ceremonies 7.20.12

Debs Piedmont vs Lunenburg 7.22.12

Debs Team pictures and random shots

Depot golf tournament 6.12.10

Din. Nationals vs Blackstone July 10 majors

Din. Nationals vs Din. Americans July 11 majors

Dinwiddie Amer. vs Prince Edward

dinwiddie drag races

Dinwiddie Nationals vs Lunenburg

Dinwiddie Nationals vs Pefya July 3

Dinwiddie Nationals vs Prince Edward

Drakes Branch Baseball Portraits 2010

easter egg hunt riverside park 4.3.10

emporia vs brunswick 7.24.13

emporia vs scottsburg 7.24.13

emporia vs south hill 7.20.13 machine pitch

engagement pics ...portraits

FACC 2009 golf tournament

FACC 9th Ann. Golf Classic 5.14.15

FACC Golf Classic 5.15.14

fall baseball tourny in farmville Nov.1

fall pictures/ dad n I Blueridge 11

Farmville Area Chamber Awards 2014

Farmville Area Chamber Golf Classic 2010

Farmville Area Chamber of Commerce Golf 5.10.12

farmville baseball 10.12.08

Farmville Christmas Parade 08

Farmville Christmas Parade Dec. 4th 2011

Farmville Citizens Bank with the Easter Bunny

Farmville fire dept company 1

Farmville Halloween parade 10.30.

Feet for Fire 4.3.10


Fleetwood 4.28.18 horse trail ride

Fleetwood Horse trail ride 10.20.18

Fleetwood Massies Mill Horse Trail Ride 4.25.15

Fleetwood MassiesMill Horse 4.28.19

Fleetwood/Massies Mill Trail ride 10.18.14

Flint Hill Benefit Trail Ride 10.27.12

Flint Hill Fall trail ride 2011 newly uploaded 11.4.11

Flint Hill Fire Dept Horse Trail 10.22.16

Flint Hill Fire Dept Horse Trail Ride 10.26.13

Flint Hill Fire Dept Horse Trail Ride 10.28.17

Flint Hill Horse Trail Ride 10.24.15

Flint Hill Horse Trail Ride 10.25.14

Flint Hill Volunteer Fire Co. Inc. Horse Trail Ride Fall 2011


Football PE vs Buckingham flag

Football PE vs Buckingham JV

Football PE vs Buckingham Minors

Football PE vs Buckingham Varsity

Francisco horse trail ride 5.25.13


Frogsboro Wagon Train & Trail Ride 8.8.15

Frogsboro wagon train trail ride 8.12.17

Frogsboro wagon/horse trail 8.13.16


Game 1 Excalibur vs Forest U9

Game 2 Salem vs RVLA U 11

Game 3 Cave Spring vs Excalibur U 13

Game 4 Lexington vs Patriots U15


gator football queen

gaz n acres actha benefit ride 5.18.13

Genito Horse Trail Ride 10.31.15

Germanna vs TNCC 3.3.13


Golds Gym and Santa 12.18.13

Green Bay Schoolhouse Virginia

Habitat for humanity blitz build

Habitat for Humanity Golden Hammer awards11.17.12

Habitat for Humanity Golf Event Fundraiser 10.22.11

Hawgs and Hope for Haley 5.21.11

Heartland Horse Hereos

High Bridge Half Marathon 5k 9.6.14


home for the holidays 2010


Hurricane Sandy Aerial Photos AFTERMATH 11.4.12

Hurt GOP

In the Wind Grand opening may 1st 2011


Jennie and Aaron wedding April 30 2011

Jr Cotillion 1.17.15

just weird

Kenston Forest Homecoming 10.25.14

keyesville 1/4 scale tractor pull

Keysville baseball 4.25.09

keysville baseball 5.21.11 ACTION Tri County vs Charlotte

Keysville Baseball spring 2010 portraits

Keysville Dixie Youth Baseball tournament

keysville exxon

Keysville exxon portraits make up day

keysville exxon vs wylliesburg

keysville hardware

Kiss of Ink Lynchburg commercial shoot

Lake Gaston Fire Dept WINE RIDE 4.15.17

Lake Gaston Fire horse trail 10.29.16

Lake Gaston Wine Ride 10.14.17


landscape pictures for sale

lees retreat school trip

LEH yacht club regatta

lighthouses....beach and related habitats

LNHC Trail ride Burkeville 4.8.17

local....federal....historical... monuments and places

longwood Easter Egg hunt 2011

Longwood Rock the Block (Farmville)

Longwood Rock the Block 2010

Lope n Slow Horse 10.3.09

lope n slow horse farm 3-21-09

Lope'n Slow horse show

Love Dedication 12.19.14

Lunenburg Baseball portraits spring 2012

Lunenburg vs Blackstone Friday July 1st

lunenburg vs brunswick 7.19.13 machine pitch

Lunenburg vs Charlotte July 13 majors

Lunenburg vs Crewe July 3

Lunenburg vs Crewe/Burkeville

Lunenburg vs Din. Americans July 9 majors

Lunenburg vs Pefya July 11 majors

Lunenburg vs Pefya July 2nd

lunenburg vs scottsburg 7.20.13 machine pitch

majors in charlotte county/awards

manassas/ 7 days battle 2010

mason construction

Mason vs Wylliesburg

Massies Mill Fleetwd horse 4.26.14

Massies Mill Fleetwood Horse trail 10.15.16

Massies Mill Fleetwood horse trail ride 10.19.13

Massies Mill Fleetwood Trail ride 4.27.13

Massies Mill Horse Trail ride 10.20.12 Fleetwood Community Center

Massies Mill Spring 2012 trail ride


Meals on wheels 2.20.10

meals on wheels gala 2.14.09

Meherrin Fire and Rescue Awards 1.14.12

Meherrin Fire Dept 2010 1.16.10

Meherrin VFD Demolition derby 4.2.

Melissa and Sean's wedding


military vehicles


Montebello Fire and Rescue Horse Trail ride 5.24.14

Montebello VFD trail ride fall 2012 10.6.12

Montebello Volunteer Fire Dept Trail Ride 5.26.12

Mr. and Mrs Bryan Haire

National Cowboy Day (Amelia)8.25.15

New Jersey Aerial 12.23.08

Norfolk southern pamplin train wrek

Nottoway dance 5.15.09

Nottoway football 12.18.08 game 1

Nottoway football 12.18.08 game 2

Nottoway football 12.18.08 game 3 &4

nottoway football nov 1st

old barn

ozone bedford vs christiansburg 7.20.13

ozone Christiansburg vs Galax 7.22.13

ozone Christiansburg vs South boston 7.24.13

ozone christiansburg vs south hill 7.21.13

ozone Christriansburg vs South Boston Ozone 7.19.13

ozone galax vs south boston american 7.21.13

ozone rustburg vs bedford Ozone 7.19.13

ozone Rustburg vs South Boston 7.22.13

ozone salem vs rustburg 7.21.13

ozone salem vs south hill ozone 7.19.13

ozone South Boston vs Christiansburg 7.23.13

Ozone South Boston vs rustburg 7.20.13

ozone south hill vs galax 7.20.13

ozone vinton vs galax 7.19.13

ozone Vinton vs Salem 7.20.13

Ozone/machine Pitch tournament in South Hill 7.19.13

P.T.K. for St. Jude at SVCC Home for the Holidays

Pamplin Poker run 8.8.09

Pamplin VFD&EMS 5th annual poker run 8.14.10

Parker Park opening ceremonies 7.20.13 machine/ozone baseball


PCVFD Poker Run 8.10.13 Pamplin City Virginia

PE vs Cumberland Football 10.25.09

PECHS After Prom 2010

PEFYA 2009 opening ceremonies

PEFYA action shots 4.26.09

pefya opening ceremonies and game

PEFYA soccer 09

Pefya vs Blackstone July 8 majors

Pefya vs Dinwiddie Americans Friday July 1st

Pefya vs Lunenburg July 5


Phenix vs Drakes Branch

Philadelphia tattoo convention 2.1.14

Pic w/Santa kroger hicks rd12.11.12

Pictures with SANTA at Citizens Bank & Trust 11.23.12

Pinelands football vs berkely and barnegat

pinelands football vs berkley

pinelands vs barnegat

planes... trains... automobiles

poker run for Samuel Long 9.15.12

Ponytails Blackstone vs Crewe 7.1.12

Ponytails Blackstone vs Emporia 6.30.12

Ponytails Blackstone vs Emporia 7.2.12

Ponytails Blackstone vs South Hill 6.30.12

Ponytails Clarksville vs Lunenburg 6.30.12

Ponytails Crewe vs South Hill 6.2912

Ponytails Emporia vs Clarksville 6.29.12

Ponytails Lunenburg vs Blackstone 6.29.12

Ponytails Lunenburg vs Crewe 6.30.12

Ponytails South Hill vs Emporia 7.1.12


powhatan baseball 10.5.08

powhatan poker run 2011

Powhatan vs Dinwiddie

Prince Edward vs Charlotte Patriots Football game 1

Prince Edward vs Charlotte Patriots Football game 2

Prince Edward vs Charlotte Patriots Football game 3

Prince Edward vs Din. Nationals

Rainbow Christmas with Santa 12.8.12

Randolph Henry After Prom party 4.24.10

Randolph Henry vs Parry McCluer Football

Randolph Henry vs Parry Mcclure jv 10.1.09

Red Oak Hollow Horse trail 5.16.15

Red Oak Hollow Horse Trail Ride 10.25.14

Red Oak Hollow Horse Trail ride 6.4.16

Red Oak Hollow Trail ride 6.1.13

Red Oak Hollow Trail ride 6.7.14

Red Oak Horse Trail Ride 10.24.15

Relay for Life Rustburg High School 5.16.14

Richard Bland vs TCC 3.3.13

Rock n Sams vs Francisco's

rocky road mud bog 5.30.2011

Rustburg 4th Ann. Poker Run 7.28.12

Rustburg Fire Dept. 4.11.15

Rustburg Soccer (Campbell County) 2014

Rustburg VFD 2nd annual poker run 7.31.10

Rustburg VFD 3rd annual Poker run 7.30.11

Rustburg vs Halifax

Sailors Creek 4.4.09

Sally and Trey Pyle Wedding

Santa at Citizens Bank Blackstone 11.28.08

Santa at citizens bank in blackstone 2010

Santa at Gold's Gym Westchester

Santa at Lionheart Resorts 12.7.13

Santa at the Woodlands

Santa Claus @ citizens bank 11.29


school trip 7 days battle

school trip Fredericksburg/chancerlorsville

school trip to manassas

Scott and Geraldine Lentz Wedding

Scottsburg vs Brunswick 7.23.13

scottsburg vs emporia 7.19.13 machine pitch

scottsburg vs south hill 7.21.13 machine pitch

scroll down to view older galleries


Shane and Catherine MacAvoy wedding

Sharon Baptist Church Baptism 11.13

snakes...and creepy crawlers

Snow Ball 2009 @ Longwood

snow days

Somers Point Garvey races 8-10-08

south central bike fair 2011 awards

south central bike fair bands and random shots

south central bike fair poker run

south central bike fair rodeo/events

South Central Bike Fair spring 2012 6.9.12

South Hill Moose Riders 5.21.11

Southern Rams VS Jackson

Southside Chapt Coitillion 1.14.12

Southside Chapt Coitillion 4.21.12

Southside Chapt Cotillion 4.1.17

Southside Chapt Jr Cotillion 1.12.1

Southside Chapt Jr Cotillion1.17.15

Southside Chapter Cotillion 4.9.11

Southside Chapter Junior Cotillion 4.16.16

Southside Jr Cotillion 4.18.15

Southside Junior Cotillion 1.16.16

Southside Junior Cotillion 4.5.14


spaulding vs keysville exxon 5.30.11

Special Meet and Greet with Jonnie and Brookie @ Charleys

ss dance recital 2010

ss dance recital 6.2.12

SS Dance Recital Mocean 2010

Stafford LaCrosse

stafford lacrosse action

stafford lacrosse portraits

State Farm

State Farm vs JR Tharpe

STEP'N into the Country 10.24.09

Stepping Stones Easter Bunny

Steps 25th anniversary

Summer Garden Opera L Italiana in Algeri

Summer Garden Opera Madama Butterfly 6.16.12


Superbowl at Nottoway NOVEMBER 8

Superbowl in CCH

SVCC Baseball vs Danville 4.26.10

SVCC baseball vs TNCC 4.14.10

SVCC baseball vs TNCC 4.18.10

SVCC Basketball vs Titans 09

SVCC Basketball vs TNCC 09

svcc cheerleaders

svcc girls basketball vs tcc

SVCC girls vs TNCC 1.16.11

SVCC halloween 2011

SVCC in Loiusburg Nov. 5th and 6th 2011

svcc in louis granville NC

svcc keysville car show

SVCC team and Individual Portraits Men and Woman

SVCC vs Bryant & Stratton 2.2.13

SVCC vs Bryant Stratton 1.18.14

Svcc vs CPA

SVCC vs Davidson 1.5.13

svcc vs germanna

SVCC vs Germanna 1.30.11

SVCC vs Germanna 2.27.10

SVCC vs GTCC 10/2010

SVCC vs HACC Harrisburg pa 12.14.12

SVCC vs Hampden Sydney 11/2010

SVCC vs Louisburg 2010

SVCC vs MACU 1.20.14

svcc vs Northern va 2.13.10

svcc vs nvcc

svcc vs nwcc 2011

SVCC vs RCC 11.30.11

SVCC vs RCC 12.1.12

SVCC vs Richard Bland 1.27.13 (a)

SVCC vs Southern Maryland 12.15.12


SVCC vs St. Paul 2010

SVCC vs Stevens Benson NC.11.29.11

svcc vs tcc

SVCC vs TCC 2.24.13

svcc vs tcc 2.6.10

SVCC vs TCC 3.3.13

SVCC vs TCC Womens 3.3.13

svcc vs the heat

svcc vs tncc

SVCC vs TNCC 1.16.11

SVCC vs TNCC 1.19.14

SVCC vs TNCC 2.23.13

SVCC vs TNCC 3.2.13

SVCC vs VA Western 2.18.12

SVCC vs Vangaurd

SVCC vs Vanguard 11.9.11

SVCC Womens vs TCC 1.14.12

Swinging FORE STEPS 2012 golf tournament

Team photos ../Random /..First pitch

team pics/awards/random shots

team pics/competitions 7.10.09

Teams .Random.Dixie Majors in Lunenburg 2011

The Great Duck Derby hosted by Southside Messenger

The Harry Pottour@Cross point Church in lynchburg 7.15.11

Tidewater(TCC) vs Germanna

Tiffany's Sweet 16

TNCC vs TCC Womens 3.2.13

TOF 2010 Christmas parade

TOF Cheerleader Portraits 2011

TOF Football Portraits 2011

TOF vs Charlotte Patriots fall 2010

Town of Farmville Easter Egg Hunt 4.12.14

town of farmville fall football portraits 2010


town of Farmville Halloween parade 10.31.12

Town of Farmville Halloween Parade 2010

Town Of Farmville Halloween Parade 2011

Town of Farmville Pic w/Santa 2010

town of Farmville Virginia


tredegar iron works jan 2010

Tri County

tri county vs keysville hardware

Tuck Seaport a cat races Friday

Tuck Seaport a cat races thursday

Tuck Seaport a cat races wednesday

Tuckerton Seaport a cat races Tuesday

Tuckerton Seaport Misc. shots vessels

U 13 game 1

U 13 game 10

U 13 game 2

U 13 Game 3

U 13 game 4

U 13 game 5

U 13 game 6

U 13 game 7

U 13 game 8

U 13 game 9

U 15 game 1

U 15 game 2 and 3

U 15 game 4. 5 and 6

U 15 game 7. 8 and 9

U 9&11 game 1 and 2

U 9&11 Game 3 and 4

U 9&11 game 5 and up

VCCS 3 point and slam dunk contest

vccs all games

vccs state tournament 3.2.12

vs Rappahanock 4.6.10

vs swcc 1-23-10

vs swcc 2.20.10

vs tcc 3.6.10



Wesley Reed for Sheriff fundraiser 2011


winter 09-10

Womanless beauty pageant 2010

Womanless Beauty Pageant CCYFL

Women's Sunday 3.14.10 NOVA vs TCC

women's TCC vs SVCC

Woodlands with the Easter Bunny

Wylliesburg baseball portraits 2011

Wylliesburg portraits

wylliesburg team BDVFD

Wylliesburg vs Charlotte Court Hous

Wylliesburg vs Phenix

Wythville(WCC) vs Southside(SVCC)

ymca 2011 with Easter Bunny

ymca daddy daughter dance 2.14.10

YMCA FLAG FOOTBALL Action shots 9.25.10

YMCA FLAG FOOTBALL Portraits fall 2010

YMCA Healthy Kids Day 4.16.11

YMCA healthy kids day event photos 5.8.10

YMCA soccer action shots 9-20.09

YMCA soccer Portraits and team

ymca stingrays action shots

YMCA Trunk or treat 2010

YMCA Walking Schoolbus 9.20.10

zoo models


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